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01-09-2004, 08:55 AM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by mcphee
Thanks for the kind words.
Personal responsibility is a hot topic these days, whether it be athletes or any walk of life.
Kinds words, stop your making me blush...

As for personal be honest, it is a hot button with me. People are getting mentally lazy. Everything is an oversight or a "oh, was I supposed to do that."

Freaking short cuts.

My shopping center has special parking spots for "families". They are right next to the physically handicapped spots. Besides families, who the heck goes to shopping malls? The physically handicapped reserved spots are 150% right, but special spots for families....LAZY!!!!!!

ahhhh!!! Hockey is supposed to be an escape from these idiocies, but when people make excuses for players who after 9 years in the league "they didn't get their chance".... Pick up your pants and make it happen. Stop looking for a handout.

What ever happened to hard work?

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