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07-05-2013, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Appreciate the effort but players always look way better than they are in these packages. The distort impact is huge.

Trouble with Ference is a blooper hilite reel would be as easy to compile. I don't know theres a D in the league thats scored as many own goals as Ference for instance.

Loved the one in the SC final that cost the Bruins the game and arguably the series. Ference looking at god knows what while a puck shot from the point (intended miss) banks perfectly in off his skate. Ference also had a play, can't remember if it was Chicago series as well where he scored on Rask attempting to play the puck behind the net.

This guy gets some grade A braincramps.

Never forgot this one either, what a jackass. Even attempts to lie about it saying it wasn't the index finger, didn't mean to do it, honest, my finger just got like that somehow, I was doing a fistpump, honest....

So we get a player who's fans love him and who's opposing fans despise him. Damn we totally don't need more players like that.

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