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07-05-2013, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CS View Post
We can't really "bank" any.

We're using it all anyway unless we're dropping some serious salary now (which I'm not necessarily opposed to.)

That said, if you drop Meszaros' salary, you're still paying 0.92 of Pronger's salary on the "LTIR charge" meaning you just lost your ability to bank 0.92m to help down the road in case of injury.

So theoretically, it might be better to have that extra 4.00m already playing for you than just letting it go to waste since you can't bank it anyway.

Basically, this means you have to have your reserves all be able to fit under the SALARY CAP + LTIR limit, which is effectively fitting them all under the SALARY CAP - LTIR.

The + LTIR and - LTIR cancel out leaving you with just the salary cap.

It's all just a complicated way of saying that Pronger's cap hit doesn't count.

However, you are hampered with your deadline acquisitions since you can't bank cap space now.
Please state as a matter of record the date for 2013 when you are required (as a team) to be cap compliant coming out of the offseason?

Next, state the date when you can officially place a player on LTIR.

Hint: They are not the same day and the LTIR date (inconveniently) occurs closer to the start of the season than the cap compliance date. You cannot use LTIR overage to cover from an offseason overage. Period.

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