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07-05-2013, 07:54 PM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by RockDaRed View Post
GMGM will never be fired so good luck with us every winning a Cup. I tired of this crap every year. I won't attend another Caps game until he's gone. He's had how freaking long to get things together with our most talented team? Enough is Enough.

Be prepared for the Georgite's defense of their man.

Defense #1: can't fire George, who would you replace him with??

Defense #2: can't fire George, all his bad decisions were made by Ted!!!

Defense #3: can't fire George, he's been a terrific drafter!!

Defense #4: hey, at least we aren't the Flyers!!

Defense #5: as if You could do better? Surprised you aren't an NHL GM!!

All great points. All irrefutable.

I think he should be made permanent GM. Lifelong Title? That's common in pro sports isn't it? Do nothing for 14 years, yet still be a GM? I'm sure we could find dozens if examples where that's the case?

Oh....we can't???

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