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07-05-2013, 08:08 PM
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I at first hated the signing.

I'd say he's behind Smid, Petry, and JSchultz this year and is a 4th D.
Next year would be behind Klefbom and a 5th
Year after behind Nurse as a 6th D.
Year after easily behind a guy like Marcinin, Musil, Larsen, etc. and a 7th D

That's without including Belov since he's an unknown (though if he was the best D in the KHL, I actually would bet he will end up a top 4 D by midseason and drop Ference a slot in each year).

So I think that's an overpayment for a guy who won't have a role long-term.

With that being said, I am starting to like it more and more. In a large part it is because of the Bruins fans. He sounds like an amazing locker room presence, a guy who could stabilize our defense for the next year or two, and someone who wants to be here.
If we don't have a place for him in years 3 and 4, teams are always looking for vet D at the trade deadline and we could always trade him.

So I guess I'm on board with this signing.

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