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07-05-2013, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
1) There is a forum exactly for what you're talking about. This, though, this is the Preds forum where we get to just be Preds fans. If people want to venture off into another part of the forum to talk about trade ideas that's cool, but they aren't required to do so, nor should they be, before they toss ideas around here.

2) Evander Kane has never been an All-Star. Personally, I think the kid is a bit overrated and overpaid right now, which is why I wouldn't offer up the moon for him. Vanek? He has a single year left on his contract, and by all indications he wants out of Buffalo. If we can't get him without sending back some key roster players, fine, but I'm not about to ship off anything crazy for the guy when we don't even know if he'd re-sign with us. There really is no point in taking any of my trade ideas to another forum since I know they'll be shot down.

Besides, we're all fans. Not a single one of us has any idea how the inner workings of team management actually goes down, even those of us who have the occasional conversation with someone on the inside. It should also be noted that I emphasized the words "at least" in my post. The only reason I threw those names out and stopped was because I was looking at clearing cap space, not at what Buffalo might actually want for a return on Vanek.

The sarcastic hyperbole was funny, though. I lirl'd
I see your points and don't disagree with you. I wasn't being serious about forcing people to go to other boards to have thier trade proposals vetted.

Poile bashing just gets old, especially when it's based on something as rediculous as some of these trade proposals. Maybe we'd be less inclined to junk up the board with unrealistic negativity if we actually tried to see if we could build a deal for Evander Kane. Or Vanek. Or whomever we want to acquire.

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