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Originally Posted by Avs For Life View Post
Im starting to think its funny. I hate that the Nuggets get more publicity than the Avs. Of course I am a Broncos fan so that makes me a hypocrit but still. The radio talks about Broncos, Nuggets, and Rockies, but I cant get Avs talk to save my life...even after an interview if they do one, they go right back to other things. They talk more about Tebow than the Avs and hes not even in this freaking town any more

OKAY End rant.
Try being an Outlaws or Mammoth fan. The freaking Outlaws are 10-0 and absolutely dominating the whole league, and the only thing you'll hear about them in the media is how cool their 4th of July fireworks show is.

At least we get game results, score updates, and transactions for the Avs on the radio. I'd bet that there isn't a single person at 104.3 the Fan that could name three players on the Outlaws. It's the highest level of lacrosse in the world but the DU Pioneers lacrosse team gets more play on the radio than they do.

I'm sure Rapids fans feel the same way, but it's hard for me to care because it's soccer.

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