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07-05-2013, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
Well the reason he faced an onslaught was because he had basically an AHL defense in front of him and the forwards were taking more chances with a goalie back there that could actually bail them out.

If you at the shot totals between him & Bryz during that final stretch it's pretty obvious they were sheltering Bryz.

I'm not really sold on either as a starter but at least they come cheap.
Oh all of a sudden they decided to shelter bryz but threw a new goalie with a horrendous past 3 years to the wolves? I just don't think things are that well thought out. I think they played the best they could every game and were the same the last couple years with all these injuries, inconsistent as hell defensively. I just don't buy that they were more "confident" with mason right off the bat like that. and if they were they still played like crap defensively. I just hope we clean it up a little. players like schenn figured it out at the end tho. there's a misconception that because a team is getting overpowered in terms of controlling the play that they suck defensively, a lot of it has to do with coverage and reading the play which was were we've been weak. but this will be the third year most of these guys have been together and adding streit should help considering his ability to control with patience. hopefully.

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