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01-09-2004, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by nyrforever
I waited till today to post. I was so effin pissed off from last night's game I didn't want to even think about the Rangers.

First of all, their is not one LEADER on this team. This is a game last night the Rangers had to have, and of course they lose. I know Messier is wearing the "C", but he doesn't have what it takes to lead the team on the ice anymore, plus he doesn't or shouldn't have the minutes. I know Lindros is playing hard, Kovalev, Holik are, but where is the heart of this team. Their wasn't that one player that stood out and showed that this team needed to win this effin game! Piss me off.

Another thing, I know we have trouble on the blue line, we have been talking about it all season, but lets take a look at the other end of the ice for once, because that is also a problem. Right now, this team is having trouble generating offense. How many times this year, have the Rangers ACTUALLY played a great first period and deserved to have a two, three goal lead but would only be up by one or even tied? Last night's first period wasn't the best, they probably deserved just the 1-0 lead. But then the rest of the game, where was the chances? A huge part of this, IMO, are the line combinations. Not one line, is going right now. NOT ONE!! Yet, they have been kept the same for almost, what two weeks now? Holik Rucinsky, Kovalev, dont have it anymore. Lindros is making plays that Barnaby and Simon cant finish from, yet they have remained together. Everyone here remembers the FLY line right? That line carried this team a couple years ago to the top of the EAST remember? We don't have ***** going for us right now. We don't even have one player putting up the numbers we need.

Lastly, I don't care what anyone says, this PP should not be 20th in the league. That is an absolute disgrace. This team should at LEAST be in the top 10.

I know that defense is more of a problem, but this team's inability to get any offense going when they need to really gets to me.
I don't see how you can figure this team should be in the top ten in anything let alone the PP. Once again I'll say the talent on this team is way overrated and is more a product media hype more than anything else.

Out of the 12 forwards in the lineup who would you call an effective force on the PP? See what I mean. Lackadaisacal, indifferent play is the order of the day. It has been for 7 years, it is today, and it will continue to be as long as this team and this organization continues down the same road.

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