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Originally Posted by Hockeyplayer99 View Post
yea 185lbs hitting you or 230 pound person hitting you who hits harder. Our guys who actually weigh over 200lbs don't hit anything. The only ones who hit are small guys who don't do much damage.
I'll appease you for a moment. First off and not sure if this was you, but guys don't play like Adam Graves anymore because the game is played a completely different way. Stop being stuck in the 90's, this is a new, completely different, NHL.

Second, Brian Boyle hits very hard. He can't fight for ****, but the guy nails people. Chris Kreider is one of the hardest hitters on the team and I think will be a force for years to come.

Seidenberg said this after the game where Kreider scored the OT winner.

“They were hard hits. I’m fine,” Seidenberg, who was returning to the lineup from an injury, said of Kreider’s hit. “He’s a thick kid, and usually that doesn’t happen, but I just lost balance.”
We don't need a heavyweight, we have a bunch of nasty, tough, players.


Our D-Core in general is very tough and throws pretty big hits.

Enforcers are a thing of the past and the sooner you and others get over that, the direction of this team will be much easier for you to understand.

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