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Originally Posted by Thugice View Post
How quickly everyone forgets mcdonagh being run right and left during the playoffs. To not acknowledge this as a major issue to be addressed would be a mistake on the rangers part. They knew they had to get clowe but he got hurt and that aspect of our game disappeared with his playing time. Now he plays for the devils and will be very effective against us, bank on it.

We can bury our heads in the sand and have ridiculous conversations on the definition of toughness or we can get a player in here to compliment dorsett. When someone runs one of ours he needs to answer for it or they will all do it. Our players weren't just hurt from shotblocking and while all teams deal with injuries we seem to be receive way more than we give.
Our players were told to stand down by Torts in the playoffs this year, that's why there was no retaliation.

We have enough tough guys, but they were given way to short a leash. This was honestly my biggest problem with Torts. He didn't want any stupid penalties taken and literally had our guys playing like pansies to avoid them (or any penalties in general).

IMO, it didn't have anything to do with the personnel. That was strictly a coaching issue.

And what are you saying, we should have given clowe that nutty contract. **** that guy, we can't afford him and thank god, he's an injury prone, slow, innefective forechecker at this stage. He potted 3 goals all season and 2 of them were in one game.

Guy is not worth that dough. At all.

I'm really curious if some of you guys have your heads so far up your *****, you can't see the light of day.

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