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07-05-2013, 09:55 PM
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It's not about staged fighting. It's not about PIMs. It's not about hit #s. It's not about Matt Cooke'ing opposing players heads.

It's about standing up for yourself when you, a teammate, or especially your franchise goaltender is pushed. It's about being able to win a board battle. Being able to win the space in front of your net, and the opposition's net. It's not just about hitting - it's about hitting in an intimidating way so that maybe a player on the other team dumps in when they normally would have carried the puck. Coughs up the puck up the boards to the point because they don't want to take a big hit that causes more damage than a waterbug-type "hitter" bouncing off of them. It's about winning the physical battle of attrition in the playoffs; dishing out punishment and wearing teams down instead of always taking it.

The Rangers iced a roster that did these things and they had their most successful season in 15 years. No, I do not think that was a coincidence.

And yes, I 100% AGREE that the best deterrent is a good PP. But it shouldn't be the only focus, IMO.

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