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07-05-2013, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
So, you really think the "media" has an agenda against the Predators? Your logic is backwards- the outside media, those without a dog in the hunt, have no reason to put our moves on a "winners" list today if they didn't believe it.

The die-hard fans on this board (myself included) are absolutely biased- we are so close to it, and love it so much, its impossible to not be......
Uh, no. No one is out to get the Predators. I don't get your comment.

I guess we'll see how they really think when they make their standings predictions. Surely, since we "won" free agency, they think we're now contenders right? I have a feeling most will predict us to miss the playoffs.

"Winning" free agency, just like "winning" the trade deadline, doesn't mean squat.

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