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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I haven't said a single time my opinion on this is logical. Sometimes I can express myself well and elaborate a point. Sometimes its more just a reaction involved. Fandom is like that. The hockey, particularly in BOA can boil over to where you just hate opponent players.

Calgary as an entire city hated Gretzky (except for the Oiler fans there) they would hate Gretzky still today decades later. It is what it is. In some cases that somebody like me detests a player is indication they were hard to play against, despised etc. I have a harder time than most switching the button to where I accept that X player is here. Can't really explain it any better than that.

In some sense detesting certain opponent players is giving in to the passion of being a fan and buying into inherent rivalry which I do freely.

Theres never any doubt who I'm cheering for in a GDT. people get surprised at that sometimes. But put me in July and I have a hard time getting excited about the club and some player moves. Unless its some big addition.
Very well said.

Our team right now is not better than the team last season, except in the hope that players will take that step forward (which may happen - its definitely within the realm of distinct possibility). MacT has identified holes, but has failed to fill thim thus far. Filling holes is a tough test, even for the most seasoned GM, never mind a rookie one. He still has time, but its not easy.

But yeah, we're all fans. No one should question that. We're all a bit loopy in some fashion of hockey passion. I just hope a player I truely detest never signs here. Like when Bertuzzi signed here in Calgary. Most Flames fans I was friends with just tolerated him and waited for him to be gone.

Surprisingly enough, many old Flames fans here in Calgary dont seem to hate Gretzky anymore. Messier still gets it though.

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