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07-05-2013, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
You said to not "swallow what the media is feeding you" as if they have some reason to not be critical- all I'm saying is the outside media have no reason to praise the moves today by the Preds unless they really believe it...

And come on, you know what being on the winners list for free agency means- it just means they think we had a good day and made good moves. Of course it doesn't mean that we are, or are not- contenders.

You are easy to dismiss anyone with anything good to say today, but I guarantee you if the media was bashing the moves we made all the negative Nancy's would be quoting them word for word.....
I never meant to imply they don't believe it. I think they do believe it. The point is, they are just making a story. We made the most moves and signed some good character guys. That's all today means to them. They're not thinking too hard about us.

I could say the same thing about you. You are easy to dismiss anyone with anything negative to say and immediately label them as a "negative nancy." Why does everything have to be an extreme? Why can't I say something negative but also think we're a better team? (If you actually read some of my posts I said exactly that)

For the direction Poile wanted to go, he did a superb job. I just don't fully agree with the direction.

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