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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post

Really as it stands I don't know we're a better lineup than we had in January.

Like Lowe occasionally used to do MacT buys into stocking shelves but with quantity as much as quality. We don't necessarily need a lot of additions we need effective ones. The thinking that help is on the way through a plurality doesn't get
it done. Theres only so many slots in the lineup and a lot of spots obviously filled.

My own take is I'd rather make a splash with two ringer vets then half a dozen add-ons that don't make an appreciable difference. Ference is useful. Gordon, possibly, I don't know how well he'll play now outside of Phoenix.

Trouble is if we do now find some quality vets we end up having to make some room and deal some of the addon help we just acquired.
Honestly after the Horcoff trade they are behind last year. Anyone who thinks Gordon is better than Horcoff is not dealing with reality. Horcoff was a 1/2C tweener who could play tough opposition. Slowed down by age and injury but he was still really important to the team as seen while he was out with injury. Gordon was a fringe NHLer before last year and now maybe a 3/4C tweener. The Coyotes system hides a lot of stuff so we will see. Even with a broken hand last year Horcoff outscored Gordon on a PPG and GPG basis. There is no comparison unless you blindly hate Horcoff which many do. Adding Gordon to Horcoff would have improved the team but a straight swap is a negative. So a position of weakness is even worse through subtraction, RNH has a busted wing, Gagner is less than ideal, and the rest are fringe players.

The wingers are still totally unbalanced with lots of skill but little size in the top 6. No big LW appeared today in spite of the whale hunt that failed once again. Bottom 6 wingers are MSP plus a collection of old, lame and fringe players that they hope can emerge. The disaster that is the Oilers bottom 6 doesn't really lend itself to that so this has improved little until their lottery tickets prove otherwise.

Defense is marginally improved but the main problem was the top pair and adding a 4/5 guy on the downside like Ference doesn't help much. He's best suited to a 3rd pair role from now on because of age and will probably decline quickly. So defense is better but not much and not in the right place.

Goaltending actually saw the only value signing in terms of price and term with Labarberra yet people hate the deal. Go figure. I'm not wild about the guy and I suspect they brought him in as a kiss and makeup deal for Dubnyk (they are training partners). Dubnyk is UFA next summer but the GM gave him a vote of marginal confidence at the end of the season and then tried to trade for someone to replace him at the draft. Think he's in love with the org right now? Not likely and he won't likely believe a word they say from here forward. Dubnyk going UFA is very possible now and there is no one in the system capable of replacing him.

So all I see accomplished so far is a modest improvement on defense (but at the wrong position), a downgrade at center, no new size on the wings, and a new danger point created in goal for no good reason. This team is lottery bound with any injury to a top pair dman, top 6 center or starting goalie. Hemsky's marginal value has been obliterated by the GM flapping his gums and most of the potential suitors have filled their dance cards (BOS, OTT, PIT CLB). To be honest I think the Oilers thought they could obtain Schneider at the draft, trade Coburn for Dubnyk and MSP, and get Clarke/Boyd at UFA. But Vancouver played them for a chump and the whole thing blew up in their faces. Sure they have cap room but that doesn't help on the ice and anyway I bet the owner wants to be about $10 million under the cap to line his jeans a bit better.

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