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Originally Posted by Verdadero View Post
Honestly after the Horcoff trade they are behind last year. Anyone who thinks Gordon is better than Horcoff is not dealing with reality. Horcoff was a 1/2C tweener who could play tough opposition. Slowed down by age and injury but he was still really important to the team as seen while he was out with injury. Gordon was a fringe NHLer before last year and now maybe a 3/4C tweener. The Coyotes system hides a lot of stuff so we will see. Even with a broken hand last year Horcoff outscored Gordon on a PPG and GPG basis. There is no comparison unless you blindly hate Horcoff which many do. Adding Gordon to Horcoff would have improved the team but a straight swap is a negative. So a position of weakness is even worse through subtraction, RNH has a busted wing, Gagner is less than ideal, and the rest are fringe players.
Your analysis ignores the salary cap. Gordon + $2.5M more cap room > Horcoff.

The Oilers now have a little under $14M in salary cap space and a lot of flexibility for the remaining holes in the roster to fill.

Gordon is also much better on the dot than Horcs. 56.5% to 49% last year.

How's that for a couple of non-Horcoff hating reason to like Horcs out and Gordon in.

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