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07-06-2013, 03:05 AM
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Man oh man boy do some people love to just dogpile for the sake of it. You better put on your ruby red shoes and click three times if we are thinking this team is going to transform overnight and be a playoff contender. More baggage then Air Canada, but we NEED to make the BIG change yesterday. Phfffft.

As Gregor or Stauffer said today, free agents your going to overpay. Hopefully, your going to get some return on your investment. Unlike Dallas on the Seguin deal.

Mac T isn't done so cut him a bit of slack. FYI nobody in the past wanted to come here period due to 6 rings and the circus show. We have one more mutt to get rid of in Hemsky and the transformation begins. I don't really care if Gordon or the rest don't have the best stats. I want players willing to give whatever they have game in and out. Pounding the pooch isn't an option now. Can't wait until training camp to start.

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