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07-06-2013, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by rocky7 View Post
it certainly isn't a non-factor. it exists in a big way. it was everywhere surrounding the draft. these kids are getting painted with a broad brush and it's discrimination and bias that affects their careers very negatively.
How exactly is Nichushkin's career affected negatively? Or anybody else's for that matter? I mean what difference does it make whether he's picked 3rd, 10th or even 30th?

None whatsoever.

I really don't see how the "Russian factor" is affecting anyone, outside maybe the teams that choose to go for a marginally weaker player but even that is doubtful since the draft is mostly a crapshoot anyway.

Originally Posted by rocky7 View Post
it has negative consequences for the sport, for teams and for hockey fans that enjoy skillful hockey and want to be entertained by talented players.
One could argue that if it means Russian players will stay home a little longer as a result then it's probably a good thing both for the sport of hockey and for the players themselves.

As for hockey fans, surely you realise that while it may have negative consequences for fans in NA if a player doesn't leave his country, it will conversely have positive consequences for the fans in the player's home country. So again it makes no difference either way.

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