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07-06-2013, 03:50 AM
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Originally Posted by gosinger View Post
The point I was trying to raise is that even in non-contact hockey you should play the same as on full-contact hockey regarding the system you play as a team, the dekes you try, and so on.

I hate to burst your bubble bro but even in full-contact hockey, there's no such rules or custom.

I understand how it might be distasteful to showboat your skills when you're in a situation where you're in a run-away game, and goals are already out of hand. In such context, it is quite a reasonable feeling, but you're supposed to be upset at the context and timing of when such a deke was done.

However, as long as it's not such a game and both sides are still trying to secure a win, there's no such thing as "a deke that is too unsportsmanlike". I don't care if it's a simple forehand-backhand deke, or something as crazy as the "michigan pickup", if it buys you a tying goal, or it buys you an insurance goal or two.... it's legit.

Although, inandvertently you raise a good point though, and I will say this to the OP:

If you ever become a dangler, it does paint a target on your back. When you start showing that you possess such extraordinary skills, it catches the other team's attention. You're going to get singled out because they can't just defend you like they defend everyone else normally (I don't think he'll care to admit it, but I think this is the brunt of gosinger's ire); instead they have to put special attention on you. But this goes for anybody who's a scoring threat to any game, whether you be a dangler, a sniper, etc.

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