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07-06-2013, 07:28 AM
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We need to let the shell-shock of yesterday wear off... I mean, really... when has "Stand Pat Poile" ever signed 5 free agents in one day?? I dont know if he even did that when we were an expansion team putting together our first roster

So after a few hours sleep, the first comment is that anyone who thought Poile and ownership would be complacent after the worst season in Preds history are flat out wrong... you may not agree with the moves he made, but he certainly wasnt passive

Second, what I remember us doing most summers is looking around at our division opponents and wailing about all the moves they made while we did nothing... well, looks like maybe this year, other than Dallas, they may be the ones saying "look what the Preds did! we better signs somebody/anybody NOWZOMGWESUCK"

looking at who we will be fighting for playoff positions next year, I see Minnesota shed several players(including Cullen) and only added Matt Cooke... St Louis signed 3 players for essentialy league minimum plus Maxim Lapierrier... Colorado looks like they only made a few depth signings(nobody over 900k)... and as best as I can tell, Winnepeg didnt sign anyone other than their own people.

and Dallas, while they did make the blockbuster trade, gave up almost as much as they got, and the only free agent they signed yesterday was #danellisproblems.

so after all the previous summers with everyone screaming "everyone else is signing people we better sign someone because they have all passed us" now we are probably the ones being talked about.

and a final note... remember, its not your money... so dont sweat the contracts... the only way they would matter is if having them kept us from signing a high dollar talent at some point... until then, simply judge the acquisitions by what they bring to the team, not what they cost..

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