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07-06-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
And while I agree with what you say, the highlighted part is where I wonder. The type of team Trotz coaches or plays, while all fine and good in the regular season, it doesn't work in the playoffs and we've seen the results. I think we need to find the balance in all of this. We can't be all grit and sandpaper. We can't be all skill and soft. You have to have guys that are a mishmosh of all skill sets. You have to have skill players, you have to have bangers, you have to have energy/pk guys, you have to have guys that can win faceoffs. Honestly, some of these guys intertwined. You need a banger with skill. You need a guy with speed who can play the pk and win faceoffs. You can't have one dimensional guys that only fill one or two roles.

I look at the truly great teams and their top players play all three roles, ES, PP and PK. Granted, every team doesn't have a Toews, Hossa, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc. but at some point, we need guys like that and while yesterday wasn't a day to land any player of that caliber, I just hope these moves pay off.

Our bottom 6 is much better now. We filled up with guys who are proven NHL talents as opposed to NHL/AHL tweeners. I like the moves to some extent but worry about them at the same time.
I think it can work but guys like Beck, Wilson and Forsberg have to become better produce, if they can all become 60-70 point guys or close, we're good, really just need 2 of them to get there.

Boston's forwards aren't amazing, do they have a 70 point forward?

LA's cup season they had one player with more than 60 points. Not a single ppg player.

Teams can win with grit and depth if they can dominate puck possession.

We just have to count on guys like Forsberg, Wilson, Beck and Bourque to keep growing.

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