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07-06-2013, 10:22 AM
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suprvilce, try to use those guys in some friendlies. Swap them out for a couple of games to see which one gives a better rating for your third line. Or whichever line they will be centering in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
Congrats bud. Another 100-120 OR pull for me from my level 5 SA. At this point I figure this puts me so far behind (every crap pull for me there are good pulls for others making it harder for hitting tactics to be enough to win) I doubt I'll be able to make up ground with a normal rate of decent pulls. Sad to say lads but this may mark the end for my handball team. I won't quit, but I also won't give a ****.

The kicker is with SA lvl 6 finishing in a bit I will have 1 pull in the next 2 weeks before having two quick back-to-back. That makes it very hard to win over the next 2 weeks as my roster needs a lot of help.
Have you considered visiting the market? I did. I had a bunch of players I was looking at over the next few days. Nothing as good as Rivers as I could only afford 170-180 OR. But I had to do something if the Academy wasn't going to help. Don't let everything slip away simply because things aren't going according to plan. Delay some construction and buy some decent players to get you through this.

By the way, you won't have a pull and then two quick ones. You have two quick ones I'm in the same boat and I'll be waiting 10 days for the chance to get two pulls at SA6. Even though waiting has never resulted in a good pull for me.

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