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07-06-2013, 10:30 AM
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Totally agree. I really feel like all the moaning threads will be the ones we look back on and laugh at 2 years from now cuz MB refused to give up valuable assets and when those other teams that were sooooo great don't look so good and don't have a cup to show for it.

I'm so on board with MB's philosophy of building through the draft. In a cap world, it's all about getting solid players on the cheap and developing them. Of course, you have to assume we've drafted well, but I think we have. I can't believe people are *****ing cuz we don't have david freaking clarkson. There's a time and place for everything and we all know that our D is the big issue first. There was no obvious fix in the FA market for that except waiting for our multiple D prospects to create an excellent blueline. It will be far more satisfying to have an organizationally sound (internally) team than this process of trading laterally or just making bad trades and losing solid players. How people haven't remembered that as they complain about midgets in the same breath is amazing.

2-3 years, then come back and tell me MB screwed up THIS year.

I guess we'll suck again this year and come 2nd in the conference. Damn.

(And FTR, it was the injuries in the playoffs + some lucky bounces + some shiiiite refs, I am not at all worried/rattled by what happened in the 1st rd)

Tor will be good, Boston too, as will the others, but I really don't see us not competing with them. Can't wait for those predictions though. Please have us as last!

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