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07-06-2013, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by habsroom View Post
ok if you don't like this team or the way they run it or my post i have a great idea for you, stop reading my post! Don't cheer for the team and trying doing something worthy of your intelligence since you are so educated.
Over-reaction to what I said... I'm tired of people saying that we shouldn't question what the mangement does and which players are wearing this jersey. Of course, this is our team and we like it. And this is a discussion board, this is the place to say what we think about it. And just like everyone else, when I go see the games (like I did when I went to Ottawa to cheer for them) I make sure I get back home voiceless and I cheer for every single player wearing the jersey and hate every other player who don't wear it. I'm a habs fan, as hardcore as any other one. But I'm not blind and I don't like what the management is doing and it's my right to say it.

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