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07-06-2013, 10:54 AM
Rosso Scuderia
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I'd be positive if I think our team can win the CUP even before the season starts but now I can even say we are a team that has a sure place in the playoffs. Seriously guys, just watch our line-up, you really think we have a shot at the cup this year, or next year, or next next year?

We've been losers for 20 years and most of these years, especially in the last 10 years, we've been building the team in the same offensive mold, small offensive forwards and it clearly doesn't work yet MB who I had faith with, still does the same thing.. and it got even worst.

Maybe you guys can be positive if your objective is to win the regular season. I'm just sick tired to see our team have an early exit in the playoffs.

If you guys can cheer me up by saying we have a chance of winning the cup by showing facts, then I'd be positive like you guys. Facts like comparing each line with recents cup finalists line and say ours are better. Like Bourque-Plekanec-Briere>Bolland-Toews-Kane or Lucic-Krejci-Horton or Carter-Kopitar-Brown. Or show our defensive squad is a defensive squad build for the playoffs, with size, grit and playoffs experience. Not a wash up 1st defenseman who tends to disappear in the playoffs and it leave us with Subban and the rest of unexperienced, small and soft D. Then there's the goalie, show me we can have faith in him, show me he's clutch in the playoffs like Thomas, Rask, Quick, Crawford.. not a goalie that has 4 wins in his last 4 playoffs (17 games).

Since most of you guys think UFA are "overrated" and happy we don't pay the price to find those big players that we need to complement our smaller players, then tell me how our team will become a cup contender. Oh right? By drafting right? How long will our prospect will be ready? McCarron is coming right? Like in 3-4 years? We don't even know if he's gonna be NHL material, or top 6 material.

I just feel that the people got so used to losing that they don't even aim for the cup anymore. We hear to much stuff like, we were division winners last year! We can't be that bad. We also got only 1 win in the playoffs against the 7 seed last season, but let's not talk about that.. its so negative! Let's just ignore our playoffs problem and lets concentrate in our regular season success! We so happy!

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