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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Pretty much. It seems like everyone has favorite teams from outside the region...part of that is likely the large number of transplants in the area; loyalties lay elsewhere. Everyone I know goes to Nats games because it's something to do, but they aren't their actual team. The situation is definitely better with the Caps, but they didn't really become popular until recently.

DC is a weird town because it lacks a cohesive personality/identity. Also, never go to Georgetown. Probably about 70% of people there think they're God's gift to mankind because they're in Georgetown. M Street is an awful hellhole. And definitely don't bother with's a soulless place that developed far beyond what its infrastructure was designed to handle, because the County Board refuses to allow any upgrades to anything.

There are places in DC that still have their own identity, instead of being a glorified tourist trap...SE and SW, and NE along the Anacostia. But, if you go there you will be murdered. To death.

5 Guys is pretty legit though.
I disagree arlington really stands out as a great place to live. If you are a college graduate , move to arlington. You will have a great time meeting other college grads and it's a lot of fun.

But to the OP. If this is how you decide to become a fan of a team then I'd choose the Caps. In philly , or people have been born into the philly sports culture it is not an active decision process of becoming a fan of the team. It really is something that has been ingrained into my whole existence starting from infancy. My whole extended family live and die with philly sports. This is not something that is a socioeconomic phenomena. Philly is a very blue collar town. Even the white collars come from a blue collar background and my immediate family is no different. I hang out with my white collar dc friends and watch their passive interest as they root for the local sports team. Meanwhile temple is playing indiana in the NCAA tournament and im 5 inches from the tv living and dying with every shot. I never drink when i watch sports because it saps my focus and makes me feel detached from the event. This type of enthusiasm can not just be learned and you can't just assimilate yourself into the culture like you could with a dc sports team.

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