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07-06-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by sheed36 View Post
It's allowed because this is a hockey discussion board where everyone as a right to voice their own opinions whether we agree with them or not. Some here like the direction Habs management is taking this team while others not so much and they should have a right to criticize.. I will respect others opinions here even if I don't agree with them and that's what this place is all about.

Do I hate the players, coaches and management? No I don't but if the Habs make a move that I don't like I'm gonna voice my displeasure over it.. If however they make a good move I'll show my support and applaud the move..

If not criticizing or being negative at times toward some players, the coaches or management is what makes someone a "real fan" then I guess I'll never be considered a "real fan".
I get that, and of course we are allowed and need to criticise. I draw the line when some posters just look for any excuse to bash members of this team irrationally. Irationally is the key word. Being negative does not equal being rational, contrary to what some people think.

Oh and just plain insulting the players I think is disgraceful. It channels the inner Bob Gainey in me and makes me furious

I think the point is we can't expect to be happy all the time about what happens around the team. There are time when we should be furious (example : Gomez - McDonagh trade) but being furious all the friggin time because the team is not being built exactly like we want it to be is just recipe for frustration. Or maybe some people channel their frustration here. Still it makes reading trough threads here painful reading constant irrational *****ing. People just don't think before posting sometimes.

I'm just tired of going on HFboards, after enduring days of work with collegues constantly *****ing behind each other's back only to see all whining and *****ing here. It seems to me everyone whines constantly in this friggin province, it makes me furious (which makes me whine too ). Anyways it seems to me HFboards has seen better days, its just ANGRY, MAD, ANGRY, MAD now.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet
You call Collberg overrated based solely on this seasons stats yet you overlook the glorified Michael Ryder clone in Bobby Ryan and the fact that Anaheim has been trying to move this floater forever.

Ryan was absolutely terrible last season and has only broke 70 points once in his career despite prime icetime with two of the best players in the game. He was removed from the big line last year because of his poor play and Getzlaf had a bounce back season......coincidence?
At the risk of moving off topic : Thats an interesting read on Ryan. He might be a splendid case of overrated big name-itis (which makes me surprised NYR didn't end up with him). Hopefully it turns out Ottawa overpaid big time. Silfveberg looked so promising to me, I'm not sure he won't turn out better than Ryan. More complete at least definitely.

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