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01-09-2004, 10:15 AM
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I say, keep the "other site" stuff for the other site.

Since this time it reflects your opinion and the same words would be used then its all the same mate but, in general, the way we conduct ourselves and the general opinions on this site are totally different then those of the "other" one and the two should never be the same. Now, my take and a pound will still get you a softie and a cuppa but thats just what I feel about it and since we are posting our "opinion" I felt why not add mine.

That being said, you know your hockey and make the same observations that most Kings fans do. Nothing more or less but more of the same. The thing is, as has been said in several other threads, each year we get a roster that is different from the past ones. We often get different coaches, gm's, owners, trainers, presidents etc. With all of these differences, it doesn't matter how long you have been a fan because each season gives us a knew look at our team. Sure you get to see our past mistakes and accomplishments but other than that its all just the opinions of hockey fans and all matter what not.

What matters I feel the most in this (as is our usual situation) is what you give to your team. It amazes me (not pointed at you mate) how busy so many are at whinning and how many "thats it, I give up" posts and threads there are. I mean, we ask our team and our org and its players to NEVER GIVE UP and such but the first sign of troubles or our best mate the injury bug drops by we tuck tail and scurry.

Sure, we have had our fill of them(injuries) and THAT is the only thing we should be looking into and fixing. What good does adding players to our team do if they are going to come in and play a passive "thinking mans" style of game only to get injured by the teams and players who "don't take losing or any crap"?

What good does it do to be one of the best drafting teams in the league (as evidenced by our org rankings) if we are going to bring kids in and sit them or better still, once they prove themselves refuse to reward thier efforts with more ice time, more talented line mates, more PP time, more responsibility etc. What good does it do to have hard nosed players if you aren't going to let them play a physical game?

I don't have the answers and if I did, they would be the answers that A FAN like the rest of us (no matter how grand we see ourselves and our many many years of watching the game and how important that is) have to give and not bloody matter one spec of a tick. Its fun to recliner coach but in the end, not one of us has an answer that is better than what our actual hockey people in the org will come up with.

I have absolute faith in Stitch that he will right the ship. He gets my full support. He is the top of the org for my buck and as such, will get my backing until he isn't. I will believe that his decisions are made with our being a champion in mind and that, if they don't make sense to me that it is because, as always and with all of us, I don't know everything that is going on behind the scenes that are making him make the choices he does. I have faith that is based on his excellent performance for us to date.

Now, do I feel we should be adding players to the team? I do, but, not until we address the style of game that we play. Playing not to lose and not to get caught up ice and not to be taken out of the play by finishing your checks and such are only going to get you injured I feel, as shown by the current state of our team. If it is time for a new coach then Dave will know what to do. If it is time to help Andy change his plan, then that will happen also.

I guess I have a hard time in the whole, "we are doomed" thing as it shows no support of our GM or team and no faith that they are doing everything they can to remedy the situation. Like Dave sits back and waits until we yap enough to do anything and ISN'T trying to make us the best unless we do.
So, I believe that we are doing things to make this better and I also belive that the past is the past and will only judge Stitch and Andy based on what they have done in thier PRESENT jobs and not what the team has done before them. So far, for me, Dave is and has been doing a brilliant job and Andy has some answers to give. Since Dave is the boss, I believe things will be fixed in the manner and time frame that they can be done best in order to build a champion.

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