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07-06-2013, 12:31 PM
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what i see as makfi's biggest failure is his - seemingly - inability to field a team that has what it takes, right now.

imo, he's (been)building a team in which he thinks the league will evolve into a style of play that suits it rather than building a team to suit the league's style of play right now.

his target, if you will, is something he's conjured up off in the distance, but the mark he should be trying to hit is right across the street from him.

the die was cast on that, IIRC, coming out of the 2004 lockout with what mgmt was spewing.

FA were going to be cheaper, and more readily available. failed big time on that one.

the way the league was going to be called dictated a premium put on the following:

mobile puck moving, not physical, D-men, and forwards with finesse - perimeter players. both of those failed to an extent as well. mobile puck moving d-men and fancy pants finesse players are needed and do thrive, but not at the expense of eschewing stud D-men or sandpaper forwards.

when things suddenly dawn on him that his "plan" isnt working, he seems to make knee jerk moves that, in hindsight, really backfire. e.g. 2010 deadline day.

he's also had teddy's checkbook at his disposal since the 07 or 08 season, so 5 or 6 seasons in which he could get just about anybody he saw fit.

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