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07-06-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Have to say that this reply is pretty unreasonable given what was posted. I did not read into the poster you responded to being overtly negative. Certainly not hateful and all you inferred in that post.

People here are fans of the club obviously. Passionate in all its forms and reactions with those reactions only being different. There isn't one fashion and size reaction that fits all. We all express it differently. Another question could be why you are so concerned with how others appropriately express themselves?

I'm sure its OK if people appropriately express some concerns on a fan messageboard.

edit: not sure who you were responding to or why. You did quote Aequitas when I wrote this lol.
I feel like what he is trying to say isn't that a negative reaction to a move is proving said people aren't fans. Its the constant (This team will never be good with KLowe in office) type posts. They are constant and show a belief that this team will never succeed no matter if the move is a positive or negative. So if you believe that why cheer? I am more curious too than argumentative.

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