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Originally Posted by plikestechno View Post
He got the guys he targeted outside of Clarkson. He had to overpay them or overterm them but we needed them. Maybe Gordon can teach everyone else how to win a faceoff. Thank god he stopped MacT at three years, apparently MacT was trying to get more.

I think Ference wanted to come here anyway but in such a shallow pool for D this year he was one of the more coveted guys. Eakins' knows the other guys so they must not be junk. Would be cool if Jonessuu can throw in the occasional goal on the 4th line.

I wonder how close we were to getting Clarkson. MacT seemed ridiculously upset about it. I think he thought it was a done deal but I wonder if Clarkson and his agent just played him because they knew that Toronto was under a lot of pressure to sign him.

But I think Nonis saved MacT from himself. Im sure it was the oilers that put 7 years on the table. Nonis looked like he thought he was an idiot for giving that contract to Clarkson. Ive never seen a guy look less happy about getting the biggest guy. He was asked about the term and said "let's focus on year one." Even he knows it was too much term.
I think MacT had a large money 3 year deal on the table more money less term but DC chose the long term deal instead.
After seeing MacT yesterday I wonder if maybe we almost had bobby Ryan aswell.

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