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07-06-2013, 01:11 PM
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This is an organization that has made several mistakes, one of which is the inability to let go of management personnel who have strong ties to the organization, and not seeming to understand that it might make them look foolish and maybe a little unintelligent in the eyes of their peers....

But I can't stand reading the posts from the several posters here who talk of needing to overthrow a regime, or that we need to 'take off the blinders and actually see what's going on' and stop supporting the team that we love. It's quite ridiculous, really.

We've had to battle with the mediocrity of the mid-late 90's all the way through the late 2000's...and now we're struggling to get through a badly needed rebuild. Maybe they aren't doing it as efficiently as possible, but these almost conspiracy theory ideas that Katz doesn't want to ice a good team, so we need to stop going to games to show him that we won't accept it is really dumb. He's a business man, and knows that if he can have a team that makes it to the playoffs, it would pay dividends. If we 'made a stand' what would happen is the team would lose a ridiculous amount of money, and then there would be a legit reason to relocate.

This team is getting better. Probably slower than we'd realistically like. But it's getting better. Be a little patient, as things might turn around pretty quick here.

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