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Originally Posted by pulverapa View Post
That is unbelievable. The tv-rights in Sweden is about 40 million Euro shared with 12 teams, so a team gets around 3 million Euro every year.

There must be some kind of compensation to Jokerit, that KHL has to pay.

I would never want my team, Djurgården, to join the league without getting at least 4 million Euro from tv-rights every year. Payed directly, or from KHL, I don't care. I would not want to share the money with other teams... It should be every team negotiates it's own tv-rights.

Huge clubs like Ak Bars Kazan or Salavat Yulaev gets most of their money from the actual republic they are in. Without the huge support from the (former) Bashkir President, Salavat Yulaev could not have signed star players like Radulov or Zinoviev. That kind of national support is unthinkable in the Stockholm Area. The clubs in Stockholm is like any business. We have to make our own money. That's one of the reasons tv-money is so big for us, it is a huge part of the budget for every team in SHL.
You have to understand how tv market worked in Russia before KHL. No TV broadcasted hockey. Therefore KHL created its own television, KHL TV. I will quote ult here

Originally Posted by ult View Post
A little bit outdated news, but still relevant. KHL will share their revenues from advertisements and TV deals with the clubs in the near future. I'd imagine with 23 million subscribers, we're talking about operating profit of at least $10mln monthly from KHL TV alone. I gues for teams with a year budget of 10 mln, getting a couple of millions from tv deals is gonna be big. Even more so for the teams like Amur or Riga who're making ~$4 million on ticket sales.
It is better KHL to negotiate tv-deals than clubs. Yes, revenue sharing is not here, but I am sure, it will be sooner than later. KHL should share tv-deals revenues based on quality of broadcast, tv ratings. So, if your club has better tv-rating, your club will get more money. We will see what model KHL adopts, this one is discussed.

KHL signed tv-deals with many broadcaster all over the world as well. Major euro KHL broadcasters are Viasat (Scandinavia, Baltic) and SportTV (central Europe). I have no idea how much money KHL gets from these deals. Maybe outdated info, KHL sold tv right to abroad for above 10M USD last summer (and during season, league sold even more).

Dont forget, KHL signed sponsor agreements These income should be shared as well. You know, KHL owns 70% of ads on arena (+ exclusive agreements with some sponsors, so club can not advertise the rival - for example, Chevrolet is league´s sponsor, club can not advertise Audi, Saab or so). Clubs can advertise banks for example.

I can imagine that club will get 5+M USD from revenue sharing, no problem. Of course, if...

latest infor for july 2013, amount of KHL TV subscribers is 32 869 200.

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