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07-06-2013, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Aequitas View Post
I feel like what he is trying to say isn't that a negative reaction to a move is proving said people aren't fans. Its the constant (This team will never be good with KLowe in office) type posts. They are constant and show a belief that this team will never succeed no matter if the move is a positive or negative. So if you believe that why cheer? I am more curious too than argumentative.
I think this team will win in spite of management. I usually keep to myself about transactions and trades the team makes cause I personally feel its more about the culture and the identifying of key personnel. The biggest factor that has limited this teams improvement is that back a few years ago this team could at least marginally develop a player, now there development system sucks.

As someone said outside of the first round (only talking oiler draft picks) Petry has probably been the only Oiler you can say they really developed in the last few years.

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