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Originally Posted by Halak Ness Monster View Post
Blues fan coming in peace here.

You hit the nail on the head. Pietrangelo isn't going anywhere. You want to offer sheet him? We match it and offer sheet your next 3 RFAs. It's not a game you want to get into.
You made a lot of good points, but they were all trumped by the silliness of the bolded part of your statement.

We lock all of our valuable RFAs up WELL in advance (like a full year in advance) of the time when you could start offer sheeting them. That fact alone makes this a hollow threat, unless there's some CBA loophole that allows you to offer sheet players before their contract is up...

But just for fun, let's just say we let one of our best players get to summer without a contract... In order to get your "offer sheet revenge" on us, you would need to offer more than market value for one of our players, with the chance that we laugh, take your draft picks, and stick you with a bad contract. Is that really a chance a team like yours can afford to take, or a chance they are willing to take? I mean do your really expect me to believe your team (the same team which is having trouble signing the face of their franchise to a long term deal) will offer sheet the largely unproven Brayden Schenn for 6M?!?

Come on now buddy. You seem like a bright enough guy (based on the rest of your post) to realize that the "we'll offer sheet your RFAs too" threat is a ridiculous one. The only way an NHL GM will ever offer sheet another team's player is if it makes sense both on-ice and financially. And if we're dumb enough to let one of our players make it to RFA status and it makes financial and hockey sense for your team to offer sheet him, I would hope your GM would do so... That's the entire point of offer sheets.

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