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07-06-2013, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
some facts for ppl who doesn't follow Jagr as much as i do.

1] Jagr has played 101 games last year, most ppl say he was ok last year only because of it was half of a season.. but in fact he played more games than anyone in the league..

2] no Jagr is not looking for 2 years deal. He said he wants 1 year deal now at his age and go 1 by 1 year. He loves hockey, he wants to play he wants to be useful.

3] yes he did not score... he had some mad bad luck 3 posts 2 of them should be in for sure but it just didnt happen for some reason

4] what can you read about Jagr he made some nice passes to Bergy and Marchand, but if you watched closely Marchand never made pass to Jagr even he was comming alone from 2nd wave or just standing alone by goalie, B fans are not gonna admit that but i know what i saw.
In the end Jagr developrd chemistry with Bergeron, but Bergeron got injured and dissapeared just like Marchand, Seguin.

5] the mad chemistry between him and Plekanec is real, in Kladno Jagr was on pace to have most points in league in fact i think he was 2nd in the end even he was not there for whole season, on pace close to 1.7 ppg.

6] Look what Jagr did with Hartnell and Giroux. They had good chemistry and Jagr was on pace of 1ppg till half of season where he got renewed his old groin injury (in the flyers- rangers game) since then he rushed back to game, got injured again... never healed in that season. Tho last year it seemed ok till last game? we dont know what happend him there.

Yes he is slow, he can still make his mates free and make sick pass, he can get himself free and score, but that didnt work with Marchand..
he is still well worth of 3M for next year
Good point about the games played, didn't know that.

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