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Originally Posted by Verdadero View Post
I give praise for good moves when I see them. The Labarberra signing was fine in terms of need, player, term and price. Most fans hated the signing but I like it for the reasons stated. I was actually a Lowe supporter when he had a limited budget and he did a good job pre-2006 and during the Cup run. But since then it's been a non-stop debacle that degraded the history of the franchise. Been a fan of this team longer than many on this site have been alive so I don't have to apologize for nuth'in
I don't recall calling you out specifically. I was asking if you (general you not anyone specific) basically hate everything about the team why are you still cheering for them? I am very much in the show me crowd but I don't feel the need to come on and spew hate at management every time they make (or don't make) a move. It seems like every thread on hf inevitably becomes old boys argument or low sucks. Instead of debating specific merits of a move or people here love to hate klowe and his team.

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