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01-09-2004, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by barnaby63
How long have i been saying this? But everytime i did i got bashed.

Now, is it still too crazy to say Leetch is just as "bad" as Poti on defense? I said it in October and people called me crazy, now what do you think?
And I still would say you're crazy trying to paint Leetch as being as bad as Poti in his own zone.

Leetch doesn't have the size or strenght to be a factor that way but he is great at reading and anticipating the play, is a very underated shot blocker, and while he does go out of position from time to time looking for offense, he isn't an Ozolinsh or anything like that and he shouldn't be paired with a partner who is strictly and offensive player and one who's soft and has no clue on how to play defense ontop of that.

Give him a true stay at home who knows his responsibilities and you'd see much more effective play out of him.Putting him with Tom doesn't serve either one of them and Leetch is left far too often having to scramble to cover for Tom's clueless positional play and that leaves Brian trying to do much.

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