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Originally Posted by Halak Ness Monster View Post
As I've said before, it is really pointless to argue what I said about the Blues offer sheeting Flyers players. Even if you're right, I'm still right. Pietrangelo will remain a Blue. We will match your offer.

But the quoted isn't true. The Blues offer sheeted Steve Bernier 4-5 years ago as revenge for the Canucks offer sheeting David Backes. We really didn't have much need for Bernier...a lesser Backes at the time. It was clear as day that it was purely for revenge.

With that said, you have Schenn and Couturier coming up on RFA. Perhaps they don't make it that far. Like you guys said, Philly usually doesn't let it get that far. If for some odd reason they did though, they both would make sense on-ice and financially for the Blues(more than likely). So those would be the targets.

It really isn't worth discussing, though. It takes us off topic which is Pietrangelo.

One question I have is how in the hell do you guys have 8.5 million to toss towards Pietrangelo? Do you just assume that you can move Coburn and another player after that?
Good luck finding a player the Flyers care about keeping who'll even make it to the point where they can be offersheeted.

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