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Harry McQueston

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Well, heres a Mystery for you about 1950's Stanley Cup winning Red Wings. As you know, Harry Apple Cheeks Lumley was in net throughout the Playoffs, while Terry Sawchuk was in the minors leading Detroits farm club Indianapolis to the Calder Cup. Shortly afterwards of course, Sawchuk promoted, Lumley traded....

So answer this one: who was Lumley's backup or standby in Detroit if he'd gotten hurt with Sawchuk in Indianapolis? Some guy, according to wikipedia by the name of Harry MacQuestion. Wiki goes on to give this Harry MacQuestion birth & death dates, that he'd played in the minors, and though he didnt play a game in 1950 his name was inscribed on the Stanley Cup but then removed in 1957 when maintenance was done to it, the ring removed now housed at the HHOF bearing Harry MacQuestions name, buried in some vault no doubt...

Well, good luck finding anything out about one "Harry MacQuestion" on hockeydb, hockeyreference, anywhere. This guy doesnt exist, never did. So who made this up & why is their page on him in wiki with this elaborate charade? Lefty Wilson was the trainer & a spare goalie in Detroit, and had Lumley been hurt, Lefty there wouldve been called on. Why, that very name, "Harry MacQuestion", sounds like the handle for some villain in the 60's Batman TV series or something. So figure that one out? Huh? I kid you not. Right there in wiki.
Perhaps Harry McQueston, career minor leaguer, 1949-50 USHL:[]=14237

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