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07-06-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Revo View Post
For the bolded: Yes and no, I find that was his main flaw to end the year. He got better on pretty much all aspects after the «near-suspension wake up call», but he couldn't finish... although a decent part of it was bad luck, because he got goals stolen away from him (more than proportionnal) and not much fluke goals going his way.

I described him near the beginning of the year, but alot happened meanwhile, so I'll give it another shot... as bad as it can be. If you're not happy with it, whatever.

Skating is a strong point, he was arguably as fast as MacKinnon in his first year (still a bit less acceleration), but slowed down a bit in his second season. Still a very good skater, and the early injury + getting used to more weight can explain it without a problem.

Wrist shot is pretty good, I don't know if it's elite, but in any case, it's not a drawback. Slapshot seems to be in the same range, but he doesn't use it much at all.

Puck handling skills are very good, the more impressive part, and possibly his best asset is, on top of his game he can dangle very well at high speed. That's not given to everyone, even career danglers.

Physicality is an interesting point... he has gained a nice amount of weight between 16 and 17, which shows he can progress, but he's not there yet. He's not a hit machine by any stretch, and more should be expected of him most of the time, but he seems like a legitimate «just let him fill out» player. After all, he has shown a mean streak at times, and I don't think it's a question of being afraid. It's not like some other prospects for which projecting a more physical game seems like a big stretch. On the plus side, before his injury, he crashed the net all the time... he started doing that again later in the season, certainly a point to watch for next season.

For the more «controversial» part: I believe his playmaking is underrated. Some of his best plays (alot of them actually) were passes. On the downside, and that was one of his biggest flaws this past season... he had too much of a tendency to pass rather than shoot, even at times when shooting was obviously the better option.

For the most controversial part: I believe his defensive game is underrated. It's not orthodox. It's not a «block shots and eat dirt» player. But he somehow makes it work more often than one could expect. As anecdotical evidence (not what I'm basing myself on, just a bonus) a number of his best highlights are of stealing the puck at his own blue line and getting the puck to be a threat in the other zone surprisingly fast. Also, has been one of the tops on the team for ± in both his years with the Remparts.

Finishing skills were a bit underwhelming to finish the year, I thought... having a breakout year or not relies on that, in his case. Was it bad luck? Was it a lost of confidence? Of instinct? Who knows. He can make people regret (in the perspective of prospect pools, not actual NHL play, obviously) not taking him early, as soon as next season, if he can finish plays.

Could have forgotten stuff... we'll see.
Pretty fair assessment IMO. He needs to improve in some areas but he seems to be aware of those weaknesses and making a conscious effort to improve on them. You've most likely seen a lot more of him than I have, but I was certainly impressed with what I saw in his clips from prospect camp this week, as well as the other stuff I've seen on him.

It's good to know he doesn't shy away, while maybe not the most effective player physically right now at least he has it in him. Much easier to get him to do it consistently and effectively than to get a player who doesn't do it to start doing it.

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