Thread: Line Combos: Burns to play forward next season
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07-06-2013, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
I think Irwins the one who may have the more surprising offensive season. Dudes shot was made to produce points. It now seems obvious that his knee was hurt since he had such a dramatic drop off in putting pucks on net (or at least appeared that way...). I wouldn't be shocked if he got 10 or more goals and 30 points especially if he's paired with Boyle and gets some PP time.

Knowing now that Braun had an injured wrist I would hope he goes back to being at least a threat offensively.

Demers is the wild card. If he finds the game he had a couple years ago and stays healthy he could put up 30 to 40 points assuming he's getting regular ice time and maybe 2nd PP time... or he could get hurt in the 5th game, be in and out for the rest of the season again and end up with 8 points all year....

I too like Irwin.Sure he had his rookie bumps but that cannon is lethal and he does get better this season imo.
Agree about Demers. But I would be ok if DW traded/packaged him for a 2/3 winger.

Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
Personally I think Burns has the tools to be one of the top Wingers in the conference. If he works on his accuracy and picking corners he could pot 40 goals with the shot he has. Taking a guy who shoots like that and moving him closer to the net means goalies stand almost no chance when he one times the puck.
After watching Burns at Wing early on you almost knew he was meant to play there. After seeing him live, up close at the glass, the guy wreaks havoc all over he ice. Things/plays away from the puck/camera.The beauty is watching him take the outlet pass from the D, skate across center ice,make a move at the blue,keep the puck and fire off a missle. No stupid pull up and wait, no weak dumps in the corner. When he has the puck I get giddy

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