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07-06-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Yeah calling people who have different opinion than you dumb is such an amazing coup de force.

Since you seem to be self- referentially authorative, please oh please explain to me what a marshmallow soft midget, at the tail end of his career who is abysmal defensively brings to a team that were 4th in the league in scoring, played terrible defense the last two weeks ( and fell ass backward into 2nd place) and then got manhandled by that physical juggernaut that is the gd Ottawa senators.

Don't tell me playoff clutchness ( he is at best a wash ), don't tell me leadership ( he's getting shown the doors immediately at the end of his contract), what does he bring that makes the team better?
Do you think we will be better next year than last if we don't make any more moves? If so by what metrics?

My guess is that all the people defending this signing will be the first to offer excuses if it goes south. I'm willing to admit it if it goes better, is like to eat crow on it but I just don't see it.
agreed we are in tough to make the playoffs

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