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07-06-2013, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Driven View Post
Just out of curiousity, for how long have you been following the Habs? You seems totally content with mediocrity. Like a majority around here, I want this team to win. I'm getting sick tuning the TV on/ paying for tickets to watch the same average/microwaved product every year. I simply can't understand the move Bergevin made and don't see how it improves this team. Other smarter moves could have been made.

No, I don't see hockey dirigeant as God who are highly superior human beings than us. Simply charismatic ex-nhl player/people with good hockey contact who might possess above average intellectual and motivation level than others. I don't see what's wrong with critizing this unsuccessful direction that this team is STILL taking who haven't worked for 20 years.

Bergevin haven't adressed our needs. He signed a washed up shtrumph just to add to our collection of unidimensional player. Another centre who Therrien will have to protect/ will take the place of our hungrier youngster will he could have use this money eslewhere. But hey, disapproving this move is wrong! Habs can't do no harm! I remember when Gainey was treated as god and had an army of white knight protecting him against the "bad" fans
Since my childhood and I'm in the mid-30s.

The way you're projecting a counter-extreme (as if anyone is content with 'mediocrity') unto to me to validate your own extremism doesn't in turn validate any of your grievances. I could expound on the merits, or rather lack thereof, of complaining of not addressing needs in a saturated market with overpriced commodities, in line with MB's proclamation of bidding on the draft and development of players, but i fear it would be a waste of time.

Not to mention the fact MB is a rookie GM with only one shortened season under his watch and the off-season is far from over.

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