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Originally Posted by PanthersHockey1 View Post
Wining the division was a blessing and a curse. It gave us fans a premature taste of success that management was not expecting. I'm tired of one step forward and two steps back. I don't care about David clarkson I care about trading for a guy like Tyler seguin or a guy like bobby Ryan. Where is our Lebron James? The one offseason we actually went out and spent money we won a division. I don't care if we overpay or underpay when u have a guy named Shawn mathias centering a top line in arguably the toughest division in the entire league, any finish higher than 28th would be a complete shock.

For the optimists promising 2 years and then spending on high end talent frenzy I would not hold my breath.
dude, the sooner you realize that this is simply not us, that it's not happening any time soon, the better...

I know it sucks, it's sad, frustrating, but it's reality.

when's the last time we got a star , not even superstar, just a star player or big name player since Bure??

there are several reasons, but I think that the "non-traditional" hockey market just plays a huge role on this whether we like it or not..big name and star players want to play in big name clubs and good hockey markets, we're viewed as a joke within the unless it's a blockbuster trade, why would a Lebron James free agent want to sign with us instead of Pittsburgh, or Boston?

At least Dallas, Tampa, Carolina , Anaheim etc.. have won cups in the last 15 years..and haven't missed the playoffs for 12 straight freggin think making the play offs after 12 years we're going to change perceptions around the league?? at least Toronto is an original 6, they can afford to suck..when you're a perennial losers and a non-traditional hockey market it's just terribad ...

the only way we're going to have our Lebron James is being the Cleveland Cavaliers, that is, through the draft, because we ain't obtaining him a-la Miami Heat...that's what we're doing and what we're hoping with Huberdeau/Barkov/Bjugstad/Markstrom etc...

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