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07-06-2013, 09:33 PM
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if you can afford 20$ a month for a local gym itll do wonders for your skating.

without having seen you skate, itd be hard to specify a training regimen for you.

with beginners its usually balance and core strength.

if you cant afford anything id start with

wall squat: squatting position against a wall, hold for 1 minute, add heavy books or other objects to your lap for more challenge. 3 sets 30 second rest

lunges: this can be done outside in your yard. just lunge back and forth 10 sets or less if you have a giant yard

high jumps. if you have something that can be used as a box, great. but essentially do a small hop and then power into the second jump and raise your knees to your chest. try to do 10-15 of these 3 sets. 1 minute rest

one leg squats: if you have a couch rest one leg on the couch and squat to 90 degrees 3 sets of 10-15 each leg

bicycle crunch

plank 1 minute 3 sets

regular crunch

dead bug: this is a little more difficult. touch your elbow to its opposite knee and straighten the other leg. hold this position, slowly roll over onto your side and then reverse that to the other side. go until failure on each leg

flutter kicks

wind sprints: really just going max speed to a certain point as many times as you can

endurance run: add this in if you are also looking to shed some weight.

these are just a smattering of things you can do. if you get into a gym:

power cleans: hanging or olympic (go very light at first for form)

back squat/front squat


also in all of this, dont neglect your upper body.

hope this helps.

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