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Originally Posted by Averick View Post
The cost of being wrong is less severe with your younger guys no? Understand too, that not all of your younger prospects need to materialize. And if you're the Avs, it's even better. They must not be a great defense. They simply need to be good enough.

So, in relation to your analysis, there's something to be said for the buckshot approach , provided that you have multiple defensive prospects.
But the Avs are not giving up a ton of D prospects.... Wilson has almost certainly topped out in terms of what he will ever be as an NHL D man. Mcginn could be traded for a prospect or two I guess. And again, giving up one mid-tier 1st is nothing. Plus the Avs already have a decent "spread" of D prospects in Elliott, Siemens, Barrie, and the rest of the pool. What they do not have is a guy that you know can step up and play 25 min and produce 40-50 points.

Last season, Phanuef score 4 more goals, 9, than the Avs D scored combined, 5. Avs D had 44 points COMBINED, Phanuef had 28 alone. And what is to stop the Avs from signing Phanuef? Maybe he walks, but the Avs have a whole season to sign him to a new contract. Very few players have ever left Denver unless the Avs wanted them the Avs are only going to get better over the next 5-10 years given the core already established....and the golden cities, NY, Philly, and LA, are full up on being able to afford players like Dion in the cap world.

Over a full season, his stats line would have been 16 goals, 33 assists, for 49 points! On the Avs that would have had him 4th in scoring in 2011-2012, 4th in 2010-2011, 3rd in 2009-2010, and 4th in 2008-2009. I don't automatically expect a season north of 50 points from him on the Avs, but he has put up 30+ points every year (excluding the last, which was only 48 games.) he has been in the NHL, over 40 five times, and over 50 twice.

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