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07-07-2013, 02:36 AM
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As Miami Panther pointed out, work on something when you're there... when you're just starting, it might be as simple as making sure you cross over each time you each the end boards and turn, if you're just doing public skates. At first they'll seem like an unnecessary chore that just throws you off balance, but eventually they'll become habit and you'll rely on them to keep your speed up.

What'll really help is if you have a lot of space. Just pick a faceoff circle and cross over around and around and around it.... switch to go the other way too, if possible. Go around the entire rink backwards, and then start integrating crossovers there too. Spend an entire session learning how to transition from forwards to backwards and back.

And if there's ever anything you don't know how to do (like, say you don't get how a backwards crossover works) there IS a lesson on youtube that'll show you

But I can't agree enough that you should always go with a plan of what you'll work on in mind. If you're able to go to stick and pucks that'll help too, as you can wear full gear! I find I'm always willing to take more risks training when I'm covered in pads!

I've been skating for ~3 years and I can do it all now (stopping both sides, crossovers forward/backwards, transitions etc etc) although I've got a long ways to go polishing up everywhere. It'll take you probably a few months of fairly constant hard work to get the basics down, and then a year or two before you start to get comfortable I'd say.

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