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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
I'd call it luck more than anything, pretty much everyone is bashing the moves made by Habs management, every move...

this time, the so called fans got lucky and were right in their bashing...

bashed for hiring MT
bashed for the way he handled the P.K. negos
bashed for trading Cole away (although this one didnt last long)
bashed for acquiring Halpern
bashed for giving a 5th rounder for Drewiskie
bashed for not acquiring a big physical D at trade deadline
bashed for acquiring Briere
bashed for not being able to land Lecavalier
bashed for acquiring Parros
bashed for not acquiring BIG and overpaid wingers trough FA
bashed for not acquiring a big physical D trough FA

considering the "realists" do most of what I've listed, they're bound to be right at some point... yet it doesnt make them any smarter than the Zamboni driver at the Bell Centre.
I don't mind the MT signing, the hardball with Pk is gonna cost us longterm and is inexcusable, Ryder for Cole was to shed contract and Cole looked disinterested so good riddance, Halpern is what it is, Drewisky was a depth move but not what we needed but was cheap. Our defense could not clear anyone from the net so we were forced to throw tinordi to the lions in a sink or swim, briere does not address any need on the team, whereas Vinny would have but you can't force a guy to sign. I don't see anyone bashing the parros deal, we needed more grit but that deal stunk of a guy buying gas station flowers for his anniversary. Most people are fine with not chasing the big names but some FA deals were not awful and would have met a team need. We are STILL soft on D.

But the people who defend everything are so completely disingenuous, they base the trade on some imaginary hypothetical that of course works out. The briere deal is OK because we ARE going to get bigger we are going to get harder. It would be nice but how do you know this? At best the briere deal is contingently bad but I'm not criticizing the briere the next deal. If we don't get any tougher by trade the same people who said we can't get bigger or tougher by ufa because all the other GMs are looking for the same will say exactly the same thing, we tried. Then we will ice another completely undersized team and we will get pushed around again.

I'm not a Bellyacher and I'm not a better evaluator of talent than MB, but if the gm says his longterm plan is to get bigger and tougher and None of his deals ( with the exception of parrots which is at best too late) do this and one of the major ways to improve the team WITHOUT having to give up our young talent is wasted on Shrimpy Briere then perhaps, just perhaps blind trust may not be warranted.

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